Local authorities of Morocco getting ready for the COP 22

Heading towards the COP 22 (Marrakech, 7-18 November 2016), the Ministry of the Interior of Morocco held on 13 July, in coordination with the Association of the Regions of Morocco and the Moroccan Association of the Presidents of Municipal Councils (AMPCC), a national meeting under the theme : «Local Authorities facing the challenges of climate change».

More than 500 local authorities (presidents of local authorities: regions, prefectures, provinces and municipalities), researchers, executives, and international cooperation organizations took part in the meeting.

They focused on four themes:

– Challenges of Climate Change to the Morocco

– Reclamation of solid and liquid and Climate Change

– Public lighting and Climate Change

– Urban transport and Climate Change

The work resulted on the declaration of Rabat, in which the presidents of Local Authorities of Morocco undertake to work towards the recognition of the right to a healthy and sustainable environment.

Thus, Local Authorities have to echo the call made by the Minister delegate to the Minister of the Interior, Cherki Drais, during the opening ceremony. He recalled the fundamental role of local and regional authorities in the fight against climate change and the preservation of the environment. “Local and regional authorities of Morocco are called, due to the large prerogatives under their devolved, to mobilize all available means and put the environmental issues and climate change at the heart of their priorities in the development of programs and implementation of their projects”, said Mr. Drais.

At this event, Mohamed Larbi Belkaid, Mayor of Marrakech took the opportunity to inform the participants that during the COP22, solar electric buses will be put into service.