International Anti-corruption Day: Local Governments for Transparency

Today marks the International Anti-corruption Day, which is celebrated every 9thDecember of each year since 2013.

On the occasion of the Open Government Partnership Summit organized by the Government of France, the signatory institutions would like to express their commitment to work towards more transparent, accountable and participative cities and territories.

The UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban-ki-moon, seized this opportunity to address Local Governments of the world to insist that “Elected officials, mayors, governors and councilors are at the forefront of the battle for sustainable development. We need strong, capable and accountable local government if we are to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

On this International Anti-corruption Day, UCLG Africa firmly rejects all forms of corruption and supports all Africa’s Local Governments in their fight against this disastrous malpractice.

The Paris Statement on the occasion of this day is available here.

You can also find all the materials regarding the UN Anti-corruption day at