Innocent Uwimana: Always up to the task !

On 6 October 2021, Mr. Innocent Uwimana was elected president of the East African Local Governments Association (EALGA). A choice of local elected officials of the region which attests to the effectiveness of the leadership of Mr. Uwimana who holds the reins of the Rwanda Association of Local Governments Authorities (RALGA).

At the head of RALGA, he and his team lead active advocacy for the inclusion of local authorities in the management of the country. Among the convincing results obtained this year is the concrete participation in the negotiation process with the national government and the national delegation of the European Union within the framework of the 2021-2027 EU cooperation fund, known as NDICI (The Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument). RALGA is one of the first national associations of local authorities to have drawn up its sheet in which it identified three priority funding areas for local authorities and their association which fits with the 5 priorities adopted by the European Union in the country. This advocacy was carried out with the technical and financial support of UCLG Africa.

RALGA is also among the good students when it comes to localizing the SDGs in Rwanda. In particular, with regard to the planning, monitoring, and evaluation processes in the 30 districts of the country. Advocacy was carried out so that all districts integrate the SDGs in the development of their 2019-2024 District Development Plans. This project was carried out with the support of the CLGF (Commonwealth Local Government Forum), the GiZ (German International Cooperation Agency), and the Belgian Development Agency (ENABEL).

An active member of international organizations such as UCLG Africa where RALGA provides the vice-presidency for the East Africa region and CLGF, President Innocent Uwimana does not fail to bring the voice of the regional authorities of the continent to the negotiating table.

This 24 October 2021, during its general assembly, the umbrella organization of the local authorities of the “Land of a Thousand Hills” approved the creation of a new center of excellence in leadership in order to strengthen the capacities of the leaders of local authorities. Local leaders will receive initiation, support and training aimed at preparing them to rise up to the challenges often encountered in the field of local authorities. This center of excellence for local authorities should start its activities in early 2022 with a budget of one billion Rwandan francs. The center will be a branch of RALGA to prepare new cohorts of leaders and conduct scientific studies and research to identify key gaps in term of local leadership.

Express Biography

Mr. Uwimana Innocent is currently President of the Rwandan Association of Local Authorities (RALGA). He has been a municipal councilor since 2006. He is also the general manager of a private company, Rwanda Farmers Coffee Company Ltd. The company deals with the processing and export of coffee and connects coffee producers with overseas markets. Previously, for eleven years, Mr. Uwimana Innocent was involved in business development for an international organization : The Clinton Foundation. He was also Director General of the National Seed Service at the Rwanda Ministry of Agriculture for 10 years. Mr. Innocent Uwimana is an agricultural engineer specializing in tropical agriculture and seed technology. He has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the areas of local governance and decentralization, community development, business development, and agricultural extension services.

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