Emile-Gros Raymond Nakombo : With complete control !  

President of the Special Delegation of the city of Bangui since 2016, Mr. Emile-Gros Raymond Nakombo emphasizes the notion of “living together” to pull the Central African capital upwards in this post-conflict era. The Central African Republic has been shaken by various armed conflicts, of which the military-political crisis of 2013 was one of the most important. Managing a local government in such a configuration is not an easy task. The conflict led in particular to an increase in the number of the population following the displaced persons who came to find refuge in the capital. Under his authority, the local councilor saw the population increase from 500,000 to nearly 2 million inhabitants today.

With the municipal team, Emile-Gros Raymond Nakombo developed the master plan for the city of Bangui in order to overcome the various challenges in terms of urbanization, sanitation, insalubrity, insecurity, etc. In early November 2021, the mayor spoke to the media about some of the actions carried out by the municipality. From a social standpoint, the fight against HIV / AIDS, the installation of boreholes in the districts of Bangui with a view to reducing the difficulties of access to drinking water for fellow citizens.

On 20 November 2021, the mayor of Bangui led a delegation made up of the presidents of the district committees, the heads of districts and groups  at the National Assembly to share on the evolution of the political and security situation of the Central African Republic, meeting during which the Head of State of the Central African Republic, HE Faustin-Archange Touadéra thanked the local authorities for their mobilization because they were able to overcome the boycotts launched at the time by going to assist the agents of the Authority National Elections in the field; – by sensitizing the population to fulfill civic duty during the presidential and legislative elections of 27 December 2020. This therefore made it possible to meet these deadlines.

On a continental and international scale, Mr. Emile-Gros Raymond Nakombo also carries out advocacy and shares his country’s experience in conflict management. He is notably president of the Network of Mayors of Central Africa, Member of the Pan-African Council of UCLG Africa, Member of the Association of Francophone Mayors (AIMF).


After studying at the Saint André de Berbérati and Saint Paul de Bangui seminaries , Emile-Gros Raymond Nakombo continued his studies at the University of Bangui then at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest (class of 1979 ).

During his professional career, he held various management positions. He was successively Deputy Director General of the Moroccan-Central African People’s Bank (BPMC), then administrator-manager of the Compagnie d’Exploitation des Tabacs de Centrafrique-Cameroun (CETAC). He became involved in politics as an activist and executive of the Central African Democratic Rally (RDC), then under the one-party regime (before 1991 ). Subsequently, he was elected MP for Berbérati in 1998 and 2003, then for Sosso-Nakombo in 2005. He is the DRC candidate in the 2011 presidential election . In 2015, he was again a candidate, but this time as independent candidate, for the 2015 presidential election . On May 02016 , he was appointed President of the Special Delegation of the city of Bangui by decree of President Faustin-Archange Touadéra .