David André, the New Mayor of Seychelles’s Capital City Wants a more Vibrant Victoria

For the first time, Victoria, capital city of Seychelles appointed a man as mayor.

The choice devoted on David André to replace Mrs. Jacqueline Moustache-Belle, appointed chief of presidential protocol in the end of 2016.

David André, 58, aims to make the capital city more vibrant based on the cultural aspect.  The new mayor is a popular musician and songwriter in Seychelles. “With my artistic background I can bring in new elements and make our town more welcoming and vibrant and to make it reflect the true essence of its motto, which is ‘Victoria, the capital of the Creole world”, he said to Seychelles News Agency.


Appointed at this position and presented on 4 January 2017, David André will remain at the head of Victoria City until 2018 elections. The Seychelles’ designated minister, Macsuzy Mondon, who is responsible for local governments, explains the reason of this nomination. “Elections for Mayor’s office will be held together with District Council elections in 2018 and in the meantime we cannot leave the post vacant, so we have decided to appoint somebody until elections are held”.


Regarding its future priorities, the new mayor prefers to make first a diagnosis of the work carried out by his predecessor Mrs. Jacqueline Moustache-Belle.  “I have certain ideas for the town, but I will have to analyze everything first, and once this is done I will be in a better position to make suggestions,” said the new mayor.