Company Winner of Africities 2015 Award Present Solution to African Cities

The company Safe Water, winner of Africities 2015 Award, pursues its projects to propose innovative solutions for African cities and villages. Indeed, in the pursuit of improvement and innovation, the company offers more advanced and mature solutions to supply safe drinking water and electricity in response to the needs of Africa’s populations.

To reflect this important realization, the company will create with its partners a new platform for its projects called WECA (Water, Electricity, Connectivity Anywhere). An initiative which goes hand in hand with the current environmental requirements by using and clean energy (solar) to meet the needs of cities and villages in the continent.

“Our solutions will be sustainable and affordable,” said Mr. Sultan company’s co-founder, “and we believe this combination would be of great interest to many decision makers across Africa and elsewhere around the world, looking to better the lives of millions.”

The company Safe Water has come up with two solutions. The first solution is for the supply of fresh drinking water and the second one is for solar electricity production and connectivity.

“GRANITE 1” has been developed to provide from 40.000 to 120.000 liters of fresh drinking water per day. This system is mobile, strong and can work with many sources of energy. It is well adapted for numbers of remote villages and communities around the world and can clean any source of water anywhere.

For Electricity production, the company created KaliPak. It provides solar energy solutions and equipment, with expertise in new generation of portable solar generators. This new solution has three models of smart solar-charged portable power packs that can provide – anywhere and anytime – from 97, 384 to 558 watts.

KaliPak is not only a solar-charged super portable power pack; it also serves as a GSM/Wi-Fi router, providing a strong hot spot signal for mobile phones and computers. This will allow remote communities to stay connected with the rest of the world.

Read the company’s press release here.