10th ordinary session of the Executive Committee of UCLG Africa

The Executive Committee of the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) held its 10th Ordinary Session on 12 and 13 May 2014, in Victoria, Seychelles.


Two highlights marked this 10th session: the official opening ceremony and the deliberations of the Executive Committee.

The official opening ceremony was chaired by the Vice President of Seychelles, Mr. Danny FAURE, with the participation of Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Members of the National Assembly and various national authorities of Seychelles.

The ceremony began with a welcome speech by the Mayor of Victoria and President of the Association of Districts of Victoria (ADV), followed by the welcome speech by the President of UCLG Africa.

These two interventions were followed by a presentation on the threats caused by the development of piracy in the Indian Ocean and the measures taken by the Seychelles to address this scourge.

The third speech was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In his speech, he expressed the offer of a strategic partnership of Seychelles with UCLG Africa for the promotion of the neighborhood diplomacy.

The opening speech was delivered by the Vice-President of Seychelles. In his speech, the Vice-President wished to express the honor for him to chair, on behalf of the President of Seychelles, the 10th session of Executive Committee of UCLG Africa and wished the delegates an enjoyable stay. Afterwards, he addressed the ongoing efforts in the Seychelles during the last 20 years in promoting local governance; he addressed as well, the common challenges of urbanization the entire Africa is facing. The Vice-President also expressed that the Seychelles are now proud to have one of their own, the Mayor of Victoria, as Vice-President of UCLG Africa for Eastern Africa Region and Co-President of the UCLG World. At last, he ensured the delegates that UCLG Africa can count on the Seychelles support at the forthcoming African Union Summit in Malabo for the adoption of an African Charter on values and principles of decentralization and local development.

As for the deliberation of the Executive Committee, it has been chaired by Mr. Khalifa Ababacar Sall, President of UCLG Africa.

This deliberation took place from 12 to 13 May and allowed the members of the Executive Committee to discuss the entire items on the agenda.

The Executive Committee, after having heard and discussed each of the items on the agenda, adopted a package of resolutions. The Executive Committee congratulated the City of Victoria, the Association of the Districts of Victoria (ADV), and the Mayor of Victoria for the successful organization of this 10th session. It asked the Mayor of Victoria to convey its thanks to the people of the City of Victoria. As well, it conveys a vote of thanks and encouragements to the City of Victoria, the Association of the Districts of Victoria (ADV) and the Mayor of Victoria, for the successful organization of this 10th session. It further conveys a Vote of Gratitude to the President of the Republic and the Government of Seychelles.