The WAEMU countries invited to follow the example of Mali for the ratification of the African Charter of Decentralization

The regional meeting for the launch of territorial development projects in the WAEMU region was held on 12 to 14 May 2016, in Grand-Bassam (Ivory Coast).During this event, Local Authorities from the eight Member States of this community space addressed the importance of ratifying the African Charter on the Values and Principles of Decentralization, local Governance and Local Development.

Indeed, in his speech Barnabé Dassigli, the President of the Sub-Commission of decentralization of the African Union (AU) and new Minister of decentralization in Benin “urged the seven other States of WAEMU to follow the steps of Mali, the only African country to have ratified the Charter. However, the implementation of the Charter is conditioned by the ratification of 15 countries. WAEMU which encompasses eight members can therefore play an important role to strengthen the dynamics of local development and operationalization of the High Council of local Government of the African Union,” reports in its edition of 23 May, “Le Municipal”, Benin weekly specializing in decentralization and local development.


For the Minister, the establishment of the High Council of Local Authorities is also an example of commitment of the AU to promote decentralization. “Through this new architecture for the promotion of local governance, the AU intends to make local governments, of the pillars of any democratic system”, writes the newspaper.


In this edition, the weekly dedicated a report to the meeting of the CCT of WAEMU.  The president of this commission, Albert François Amichia invites States “to allocate at least 20% of their public regional authorities resources”, so they can be able to be alongside central Governments, a strong, carrier lever of emergence and stability”.