The City of Dakar in Guangzhou Award 2014

The Municipality of Dakar is nominated, among other cities from different parts of the world, to win the 2014 prestigious Guangzhou Award for urban innovation. In fact, the only African city in the competition is presenting a project called the « Dakar Municipal Finance Project (DMFP) ».

The project was set to strategically position Dakar as a creditworthy issuer in the regional market in order to collect funds to finance a large market that will benefit the economically active poor in the city. The DMFP has made the City of Dakar the first city in French-speaking West Africa to source funds for investment projects using the capital markets.

The initiative has been principally funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, while Dakar has received additional support in developing its strength in municipal finance from the French Development Agency, the West Development Bank, the United States Agency for International Development, and the Cities Alliance.

Therefore, the City of Dakar has earned a place among the fourteen other cities from every part of the world, all hoping to win the Guangzhou Award 2014.

That is why; the City of Dakar needs your support and encouragement by voting online before November 26, 2014. Click on this link to place your votes:

For more information about the Guangzhou Award, visit their website here 

For more information about Dakar Municipal Finance Project (DMFP), visit the website here