CALL FOR APPLICATIONS – Senior Adaptation Officer (Individual Medium-Term Consultant) – (TERMS OF REFERENCE)

1. Background

Africa Adaptation Initiative (AAI) aims to strengthen collaboration on adaptation across the continent through high-level pan-African and regional dialogues, adaptation action on the ground, and addressing the adaptation financing gap. It is designed as the initiative for Africa driven by Africa. Open Society Foundation (OSF) is supporting AAI to work on educating the public in selected African countries about climate adaptation actions to reduce climate vulnerability. AAI provides expertise to ensure a smooth implementation of the objective of OSF grant.

Within this context, AAI is seeking to engage an individual consultant to provide services as senior adaptation Officer.

2. Description of Role:

The Senior Adaptation Officer will be responsible for providing strategic guidance, technical expertise, and operational management to support the Africa Adaptation Initiative’s Technical Support Unit (AAI-TSU) in Cairo.

3. Reporting:

The Senior Adaptation Officer will report directly to the AAI Coordinator and will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the unit. The primary objective is to ensure effective implementation of the AAI projects and partner engagement, providing technical support, and building capacity within the initiative and its partners.

4. Key roles and responsibilities

i. Focal point of Decent Lives for Africa

– Liaison with the Egyptian Ministry of planning, the United Cities and Local Governments North Africa Regional Office (UCLG-NARO) and Sustainable Solutions for Africa (SSA) on the implementation of the prototype and pilot phase of Decent Life for Africa

– Map actors, build and foster partnerships for the scaling-up of decent lives in Africa across four countries.

– Coordinate with government agencies, research institutions, and international partners to mobilize resources, exchange knowledge, and promote collaboration for rolling-out Decent Lives for Africa across geographies in line with AAI 5-year strategic workplan.

– Prepare and present reports, proposals, and recommendations to the AAI coordinator, AAI Champion, AAI Streeting Committee and external stakeholders on the progress, achievements, and challenges in implementing Decent Lives for Africa

– Identify funding opportunities and assist in the preparation of project proposals and grant applications for climate change adaptation projects

– Conduct consultations and coordinate inputs from relevant stakeholders, including experts, partners, and beneficiaries, to integrate diverse perspectives and ensure project proposals are comprehensive and inclusive.

– Collaborate with the organization’s team to conceptualize project ideas and design innovative and effective climate change adaptation interventions.

– Support mobilization Conduct thorough research and analysis of funding opportunities related to climate change adaptation projects, including grants, calls for proposals, and donor priorities.

ii. Support knowledge management and UNFCCC Policy Interface

– Support the preparation of the AAI- Africa State of Adaptation Report (SOAR) through gathering and provision of information on progress in the implementation of Decent Lives for Africa

– Inform AAI implementation of the 5-year strategic workplan by identifying trends, priorities and needs of African countries from NDCs, UNFCCC constituted body publications, and syntheses of party communications and reports.

– Support the operationalization of the Global Goal on Adaptation, and the technical and political phases of the Global stocktake including through provision on technical inputs to the African Group of Negotiators on Climate Change

– Support embedding the outcomes of the UNFCCC on the Adaptation including the Global goal on Adaptation, Finance including the NCQG, and GST outcomes on enhancing action and support into the AAI 5-year strategic workplan.

– Document best practices, successes, challenges, gaps and lessons learned from projects and initiatives within the AAI

5. Duration of contract

The initial duration of the assignment is hundred (100) days over a periof of twelve months, starting on 1st August 2023, with a possibility of extension.

6. Budget:

The budget for this work is EUR 35,000 excluding travel budget, covering 100 working days for a rate of 350 US$/day.

Should the need arise support will be provided to the consultant for the duration of the contract for travel budget with DSA and e-ticket. The consultant must request approval in advance for these expenses.

7. Payment schedule:

Payments will be made on a monthly basis.

CV and cover letter to Mr. Youssef Tanarhte, Administrative and Financial Director with copy to:
– Ms. Iyamma PABA SALE, Human Resources Officer of UCLG Africa:;
– Ms. Soumia Benlebsir, Project Manager, Climate, Biodiversity and Food System Department,;
– Mr. Roland Georges AMEHOU, Africa Adaptation Initiative (AAI):

Before Thursday, September 28, 2023.