Scientific day on “Challenges in Sanitation”

On 18 November 2016, the French agency for development and AgroParisTech organizes a scientific workshop on “Challenges in Sanitation”.


The Organizers explains that “challenges in Sanitation Among the essential network services, sanitation involves specific modalities of organization and management that have contributed to make it low on the agenda of policy makers when it comes to the development of infrastructures. Cumulated deficit in the supply of related services to the population of emerging and developing countries confirms this very challenging situation”.

To discuss this issue, four thematic sessions are on the agenda:

Session 1: Public health and sanitation

Session 2: Social demand and social acceptability of sanitation

Session 3: Network sanitation and on site sanitation: what coordination?

Session 4: Public policy, financial resources, and user’s participation

This workshop intends to provide opportunities for exchanges among institutional, scientific as well as operational experts on drinkable water and sanitation; it also intends to develop links between all managers, researchers and students concerned by the development of network public services.