Order the book on : “Delegated Management of Public Services in Africa: A New Approach, Case of the Water Sector”

What are the key elements that local authorities need to know when they decide to delegate the management of a public utility to public or private operators?

The book on “Delegated management of public services in Africa: A new approach, the case of the water sector” is an excellent practical guide to this effect.

Written by Mr. Mounir Zouggari, who worked for 35 years at the Moroccan National Water Office (ONEP), the book essentially addresses the theme from three angles:

– The upgrading of the performance of public operators and the quality of the public service they provide.

– The delegated management of public services to large international private groups as currently practiced.

– An unprecedented proposal to reform the mode of intervention of large international private operators so that this intervention is effectively and unconditionally part of a process of sustainable development of the sectors where the management of public services is delegated to them.

UCLG Africa was involved in the production of the book, whose preface was written by its Secretary General, Mr. Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi. It raises the observation that most decentralization laws applied in Africa recognize a certain number of competences to local authorities, in particular the responsibility to organize the provision of basic network services to the populations (water, sanitation and drainage, waste, electricity, mobility and transport, telecommunications, etc.), but given their capital-intensive and technical nature, cities, local and regional governments are often led to delegate these services to public or private operators in order to ensure the regular and continuous supply of the said service at a price that the population can bear.

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