Luc Atrokpo, New President of Benin Municipalities National Association (ANCB)

Following his election at the end of November 2015 congress, Mr. Luc Atrokpo replaces Mr. Soulé Alagbe at the presidency of the ANCB, Benin Municipalities National Association.

The handover of charges between the two men took place during an official ceremony held on 15 December 2015.


The Executive Secretary of the association seized the occasion to thank and congratulate the bureau headed for more than 6 years by Mr. Soulé Alagbe, former mayor of Parakou, for the numerous actions taken in the name of the association, namely the decisions taken in favor of the technical staff of the ANCB. Mr. Arnos Sossou invited the new bureau to carry on the same direction in order to make the ANCB in the coming years, the interlocutor to reckon with in terms of consistent implementation of decentralisation in Benin, as indicated in the association vision.

The new President committed to continue his predecessor work by capitalizing on the achievements of the leaving bureau directed by Mr. Soulé Alagbe for more than 6 years and reinforcing the ANCB positioning in terms of decentralization and local development.

It is worth noting that the ANCB is the umbrella structure of Benin municipalities. It aims, since its inception in 2003, to serve as an intermediary between municipalities and public authorities on one hand, and between municipalities and partners on the other, in order to represent and defend the interests of its members.

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