Human Resources in African Local Government: Time to act is now!

United Cities and Local Governments of Africa-UCLG Africa scored a successful participation in the Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador. The highlight of this participation was the organization of a side event on the human resources challenge within the Local Governments of Africa.

This side event focused on UCLG Africa newly established programme, the African Local Government Academy (ALGA), which was created on the request of the organization members to address the challenges of capacity building and professionalism in local Africa.

The exchanges and discussions between the different panelists and the audience were summed up in ten recommendations. The first recommendations focused on the construction of a process around perpetuity and on the understanding of the complexity of the urbanization process of Africa. The participants in the side event also stressed the need of an entrepreneurial mind-set characterized by foresight.

You can read all the recommendations of the UCLG Africa side event, here.