FMDV releases a new publication on Subnational Pooled Financing Mechanisms

FMDV promotes the creation of subnational pooled financing mechanisms as innovative financial instruments for local governments to fund urban development and diversify their ressources. A first publication realized with AFD is now available

Presented during an official Side Event of the UN Summit Financing for Development in Addis Ababa, this Policy Paper on Subnational Pooled Financing Mechanisms is one of the solutions promoted by FMDV to diversify financial resources of Local Governments in emerging and developing countries.

This publication presents the different existing mechanisms, their benefits, the conditions of success and the recommendations to enable their development in emerging and developing contexts.

This first document will be followed by a general detailed report on these mechanisms and at the operational level by Study Tours to review existing experiences and programs allowing countries to support local authorities to organize initial pilot transactions based on this strategy, including South Africa, Mexico, Colombia and Peru.