Declaration of intent on establishment of ASAN International Association of Public Service Delivery Entities

We, the Participants of the Founding Meeting of ASAN International Association of Public Service Delivery Entities (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”)

Highlighting the exceptional rôle of sharing knowledge, expertise and expérience on public service delivery,

realizing the importance of transparent and effective delivery of public services for sustainable development as well as the need for continuous exchange of accumulated international and régional expériences in the area of public service delivery,

understanding the necessity of an expert network and institutional opportunities for knowledge and expérience sharing in the area of public services as well as for training and excellence of specialists,

recognizing the relevance of inclusive and accountable public sector institutions for successful application of disruptive innovative technologies,

promoting the digital development in the field of public service delivery,

supporting the idea of the Azerbaijani colleagues to come together within the ambits of the UN Public Service Forum to be held in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan, 24-26 June, 2019, to discuss based on the principles of openness, effectiveness and innovations the establishment of the Association aimed at creating an institutional network for a continuous knowledge, expertise and expérience sharing on public service delivery and social innovations,

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