Decisions of the AU –STC8 8 Bureau meeting held on 29th March 2018 in Rabat (Morocco)

The Bureau members of the African Union Specialized Technical Committee (STC n°8) on Public Service, Local Government, Urban Development and Decentralization met on 29th March 2018 in Rabat- Kingdom of Morocco to assess the operationalization of the STC n°8, review progress made and challenges encountered and also deliberate on the specific issues related to the effective functioning of the three (03) subcommittees of the STC. The meeting was attended by participants representing the five Bureau members countries namely Benin, Burundi, Lesotho, Mauritania and Kenya.

The meeting received reports from the STC n°8 Secretariat regarding progress achieved in the year 2017 and challenges encountered in the implementation of its work programme.

Based on information from the expert meeting on the measures taken and the difficulties encountered in implementing the recommendations,

    The Bureau

i. Acknowledges the progress so far made by the STC 8 in the implementation of its work programme

ii. Commend Member States who have continued to support specific activities of the STC 8 including Angola, Benin, Cameroon Kenya, Namibia and Uganda among others and call upon those in the position to do so to consider supporting specific activities

iii. Encourage Member States which have not made it yet to sign and/or ratify the African Charter on the Values and Principles of Public Service and Administration and the African Charter on the Values and Principles of Decentralization, Local Governance and Local Development to do so.

iv. Noting the set back in the implementation of some of the recommendations of the Brazzaville 2014 and Addis Ababa 2016 Sessions, caused by delay in implementation of the proposed structure of the STC 8 Secretariat and its operationalization.

v. Also noting with concern the financial constraints encountered by the STC 8 and that, previous financial support has continued to dwindle given the transition period.

vi. Concerned by the fact the difficulties in financial support can negatively effect on the effective functioning of the STC 8.

vii. Taking note of some gaps identified in the Rules of Procedures and the need to review them to make provisions for the omissions.

The Bureau decides:

1. On the Rules of procedure for AU STC No. 8

To Review the Rules of Procedure and incorporate the role and functioning of the sub-committees and the organization of relations between the Bureau, the Subcommittees and the Commission of the African Union, and the elaboration of a manual of procedures.

2. Functioning and funding mechanism of STC No. 8

i. The AUC should take into consideration the work plans and prioritized activities of the sub-committees in the preparation of the budget for the STC 8 before submission to the budget process.

ii. The African Union Commission should allocate sufficient funds for activities of the STC 8 including for staffing

iii. The Department of Political Affairs in AUC and the Bureau should provide optimal levels and profile of staff required by the STC 8 Secretariat to facilitate secondment and recruitment of essential staff.

3.On Coordination of work between the AU STC No. 8 Chair, the Bureau, Secretariat and the Sub-Committees

i. The rules of procedure should make Provision for coordination and working relationship between the STC No. 8 Chair, the Bureau, Secretariat and the Sub-Committees

ii. STC 8 Secretariat should ensure effective communication and information sharing within the STC.

4. On Administrative and Financial Situation of the Sub-Committees

i. Integration of Sub-Committees staff within the AU STC 8 Secretariat should be accelerated

ii. Staff of the Decentralization, Local Government and Governance sub-committee should be paid their outstanding salaries, indemnities and liabilities

iii. A joint mission of AUC, Benin and Mauritania should meet in Yaoundé within 30 days to clear the financial and administration of DLG.

iv. Organise a round table of partners to mobilise financial resources between now and end of December 2018 with facilitation of UCLGA, within the provision of the AUC Regulations

5. On Status of Signature and ratification of AU STC 8 Charters

I. The Process of developing, signing and ratification of charters should proceed and be accelerated by respective sub-Committees, and should involve other Pan African partners and stakeholders such UCLGA, regional economic bodies, civil society and Pan African Parliament among others.

II. The sub-committee on Local Government to organize sensitization and advocacy missions to member states that have already signed the charter in order to accelerate the ratification of the charter and submit the instrument to AUC. Progress reports should be presented during the next Bureau meeting in October 2018

III. The Sub-Committee on public service should fast rack and finalize reporting guidelines for implementation of the charter

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