(CALL OF TENDERS) Selection of a service provider for assistance to UCLG Africa on core app and web server infrastructure security and maintenance


1. Background

The UCLG Africa is soliciting proposals from qualified service providers to support its websites and online assets by providing infrastructure, maintenance and security update services including renewal of domain names and hosting. For sustainability purposes, the service agreement being solicited will be for a 1-year duration.
The websites are currently hosted with various providers.

The UCLG Africa staff committed to update the website content through officers with limited experience in front and back end web content management whose capacities will be strengthened through guided learning and targeted support provided under the agreement’s knowledge transfer component over its 1-year duration.

2. Content of the mission

1. The service provider will provide renewal service for domain name and web hosting of the UCLG Africa,
2. The service provider will implement security and maintenance updates as needed (including to CMS, modules and core updates)
3. The service provider will maintain the website’s adaptability (according to devices’ screen size)
4. The service provider will be responsible for ongoing maintenance (inclusive of version updates, security updates, fixes to bugs, and daily backups) of the websites, ensuring that they continue to run smoothly and are protected from security threats.

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