Call for the 3rd Tehran Golden Adobe Global Award 2016

The Tehran Golden Adobe Award was unveiled on 31 October 2014 in Tehran (Iran), to mark the “World Cities Day” during a joint ceremony held by the Communication and International Affairs Center of Tehran Municipality and the representative of the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-HABITAT).


The Tehran Golden Adobe Award focuses on the following seven areas of urban development:

  1. Architecture, Urban Development, and Cultural Heritage.
  2. Sustainable Development and Urban Environment.
  3. Urban Infrastructures, Facilities, and Utilities.
  4. Urban Social and Cultural Development.
  5. Smart City and Municipal e-government.
  6. Financing, Investment and Urban Economy.
  7. Local Governance, Urban Management and Planning.

Interested cities should submit a project in one of the areas mentioned above, in order to be evaluated by the jury of the award. The jury will then select 21 candidates in the first round of the evaluation process and up to seven of the best practices or projects from the shortlist will be announced.

The submitted projects will be evaluated according to nine main criteria of equal weight. Participants should be able to provide documentary evidence to the jury in order to reach a decision. The nine criteria are stability, resilience, innovativeness, efficacy, replicability, necessity, globalization, local identity, and effectiveness.

Submitters are encouraged to complete the registration form and send it to the Golden Adobe Secretariat before 20 September 2016 so that the award secretariat could follow up and provide assistance where necessary.

The registration form is available here.


For more information, visit the Tehran Golden Adobe Award here.