Bangangté Municipality under Célestine Ketcha Courtès consolidates its Corporate Social Responsibility

The Cameroonian municipality of Bangangté has just finished the 2nd phase of the assessment of its Corporate Social Responsibility procedure under the management of its mayor, Célestine Ketcha Courtès, initiated on March 25 and completed on April 15, 2016.


This municipality of the West region of Cameroon embarked on this procedure in 2007 aiming to answer the imperatives of sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) effective since January 2016, on the scale of its territory.

This commitment was recently strengthened by the adoption of the international model AFAQ 26000 (or the standard ISO 26000) developed by AFNOR (the French national organization for standardization). In fact, the French cabinet «Essentiel» assessed the Corporate Social Responsibility procedure by addressing questions relative to the international model AFAQ 26000, to define the level of maturity of the procedures adopted by Bangangté local authority on all levels.

This assessment allowed surveying more than 25 people including the staff of the municipality of Bangangté and external stakeholders. These questions relative to the actions and the professional skills of these stakeholders will allow enumerating the elements to sustain and those to enhance within three areas of sustainable development: economy, environment, and social impact.

It is worth noting that this assessment is the first to be conducted at the international level outside France.

The upcoming and third step of the assessment, which includes the scoring and the writing of the assessment report, will be due shortly.