Regional Dialogues

UCLG Africa has supported national dialogues on decentralization addressing issues of parity between national and local governments in the sharing of public revenues and expenditure; the sharing of human resource capacities between national and local administrations; and better cooperative relations between national and local governments.

UCLG Africa’s contribution to these national dialogues is exemplified by the tri-annual publication of the report, “Assessing the Institutional Environment of Local Governments in Africa,” a city enabling environment barometer (CEE Rating). Our acclaimed CEE Rating classifies 50 African countries that are implementing decentralization policies according to 10 criteria and shows the enabling environment created by the national government for local authority initiatives and actions. 

In addition, as part of our support package to members we undertake active research that shows the cost and benefits of devolving to local governments; shares best practice; and provides practical tools and resources that will help members achieve their decentralization goals.

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Regional Economic Communities

Regional offices will work with their respective economic communities to promote a territorial approach to regional development outlined in a comprehensive engagement plan for active local government participation in Regional Economic Communities (RECs). UCLG Africa’s interventions will include:

  • An analysis of the structure of RECs with recommendations on the most appropriate engagement level for local governments at a regional level.
  • Engaging with national associations in the region to collate their recommendations on collaboration with RECs
  • Identifying potential collaboration activities between local governments and the RECs and synchronize with national associations’ recommendations
  • Recommend appropriate structured dialogue platforms for engagement between local governments representatives and the REC with particular reference to the Regional Representatives in the High Council of the African Union

As part of our two-way dialogue our regional offices in West, East and Southern Africa will form partnerships with their respective regional economic communities through the establishment of a Help Desk at RECs to better respond to local government needs. Desks will be established within the

  • Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
  • East Africa Community (EAC)
  • Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)

​to facilitate dialogues around cross-border, transnational or inter-regional cooperation and encourage regional and local authority members to cooperate and work more effectively together.