National Dialogues

UCLG Africa has supported national dialogues on decentralization addressing issues of parity between national and local governments in the sharing of public revenues and expenditure; the sharing of human resource capacities between national and local administrations; and better cooperative relations between national and local governments.

UCLG Africa’s contribution to these national dialogues is exemplified by the tri-annual publication of the report, “Assessing the Institutional Environment of Local Governments in Africa,” a city enabling environment barometer (CEE Rating). Our acclaimed CEE Rating classifies 50 African countries that are implementing decentralization policies according to 10 criteria and shows the enabling environment created by the national government for local authority initiatives and actions.

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In addition, as part of our support package to members we undertake active research that shows the cost and benefits of devolving to local governments; shares best practice; and provides practical tools and resources that will help members achieve their decentralization goals.

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African Charter on Decentralization

UCLG Africa develops lobbying activities in favour of the ratification of the African Charter on values and principles of decentralization, local governance and local development.

The objectives of the African Charter are to:

  1. Promote, protect and act as a catalyst for decentralization, local governance and local development in Africa.
  2. Promote and champion local governance and local democracy as one of the cornerstones of decentralization in Africa
  3. Promote resource mobilization and local economic development with the view to eradicating poverty in Africa
  4. Promote a shared understanding and a common vision of Member States on matters relating to decentralization, local governance and local development
  5. Promote the core values and principles of decentralization, local governance and local development
  6. Guide policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation at the continental, regional, state and subnational levels on decentralization, local governance and local development
  7. Encourage effective coordination, harmonization and knowledge sharing within Member States and amongst regional economic communities on decentralization, local governance and local development
  8. Promote the association and cooperation of local governments or local authorities at the local, national, regional and continental levels
  9. Promote civil society, private sector and people participation in decentralization, local governance and local development initiatives.

UCLG Africa will conduct this role in collaboration with the respective national associations to drive the ratification of the Charter on Values and Principles of Decentralization, Local Governance and Local Development. Our interventions will support national associations of local authorities to lobby national governments to sign and ratify the Charter and ensure that the ratification instruments are deposited with the African Union.