When women’s hands become a lever for local development

It is 10 a.m. we are at the heart of the “Fendak Chejra” in Tangier, more specifically in the Social and Solidarity Economy support center which accommodates 7 cooperatives.

A large door allows easy access to the premises. Saida Bahi, president of a women’s cooperative for the creation of natural cosmetic products, warmly welcomes us.

Here, the atmosphere is jovial, and the room is lively and filled by different natural smells of cosmetic products.

Sitting on a chair, with a smile on her face, Saida begins to tell us her story: “Since I finished my studies in biochemistry, the idea of ​​founding a women’s cooperative for natural cosmetics has become a dream for me.  Thank God I managed to achieve it two years ago”. 

She won the National “Lalla Al Moutaaouina” prize for best idea for the development of a women’s cooperative project. This cooperative, chaired by Saida, has become an example of success for women at the national level in just two years.

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