Visit of the ministerial delegation of the eighth committee of the African Union to North Africa Regional Office (NARO) of UCLG Africa

From 29 to 31 August 2022, Egypt hosted the fourth regular session of the African Ministers of Local Development Committee on issues of public service, local governments, urban development, and decentralization, regroup in the eighth committee of the African Union, STC8

On the 30th of august 2022 , the conference was attended by a great group of, 72 expert and 24 minister and vice minister , in the presence of AU secretariat, and in the presence of H.E Ambassador Bankole Adjou- Commissioner of political affairs, peace and security. Cairo governor, General Khalid Abdelaal in addition to Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Higazy and members of the Ministry of Local Development and Cairo Governorate welcomed the ministerial delegation of the eighth committee of the African Union.

During the reception ceremony, the honorable ministers toured the premises of the Organization of United Cities and Local Governments of Africa UCLGA, North African Regional Office, NARO and its offices. The African ministers showed their appreciation to the entity; they regarded the entity not only an alternative embassy for them, however, a second welcoming home. In addition, they showed gratitude since the organization resides in the capital of Cairo.

Following to the tour, the Cairo Governor, Khalid Abdelaal had made a speech that represents his gratitude and appreciation, hence the honored African ministers and experts from 37 countries for visiting NARO. The director of NARO assured the audience that NARO should always be considered as a framework for cooperation and a second diplomatic mission that represents African countries in the heart of Cairo even to be considered a home for all and a mechanism of discussing our challenges.

Furthermore, the Cairo Government and the Ministry of Local Development insist on enlarging the cooperation with African countries in diversified fields and the governor stressed the importance of enriching the institutional relation between UCLG Africa and the African Union, besides cooperation among them in plenty of domains. The reception was an opportunity to introduce UCLG Africa and NARO between African countries and its continental organization.

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