Visit of a delegation from the National Center of Senegal for Local Public Service and Training to the headquarters of UCLG Africa

On 13 December 2022, the Senegalese delegation from the National Center for Local Public Service and Training (CNFPLF) visited the Headquarters of UCLG Africa in Rabat as part of their study tour in the Kingdom of Morocco.

They were welcomed by the UCLG Africa team under the leadership of Mr. Morris Mbolela, Deputy Secretary General of the organization.

For the Head of the delegation, Mr. Abdou Khadre NDIAYE, Director General of the National Center for Public Service and Training (CNFPLF), this visit is part of a process of listening and sharing in the framework of the Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP) and the implementation of major global agendas. The goal is to first draw on the training strategy of African Territorial Managers that UCLG Africa uses for capacity building through its Academy (ALGA), and secondly to learn more about Executive Master in Management of African Cities (MEMVA), which is a joint project between Al Akhawayn University of Ifrane (AUI) and United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa), within the framework of the African Support Fund for International Decentralized Cooperation (AFIDC) of the Directorate General of Territorial Governments at the Ministry of the Interior of Morocco (DGCT).

Mr. NDIAYE took the opportunity to express his deep gratitude and recognition to Mr. Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi, Secretary General of UCLG Africa and his team for all that they bring as support to Local and Regional Governments of Africa in terms of advocacy for decentralization and development of territories. 

He also presented the National Center for Public Service and Training (CNFPLF), which he has the honor to direct. This is a public administrative center that the Head of State, His Excellency Macky Sall, has put at the disposal of local executives to alleviate the difficulties of Senegalese local authorities in accordance with the reforms resulting from the evaluation of decentralization in Senegal within the framework of the Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP), which promotes local development by strengthening territorial governance. HE Macky Sall’s will to promote the emergence of territories, notably the operationalization of the local civil service. Decree n°2021-669 of May 25, 2021 establishes and sets the rules of organization and operation of the CNFPLF.

This Center’s mission is to provide local authorities with expertise in statutory matters, remuneration, pensions and social action on the one hand, and to ensure the training of various actors of decentralization as well as provide medical assistance to workers of local authorities in an inclusive approach to enable them to have efficient human resources, adapted to new needs and multiple challenges of development for a better assumption of their missions.

Mr. Morris Mbolela, in his speech, welcomed the delegation to Morocco and the Headquarters of UCLG Africa and expressed his satisfaction with their initiative. He thanked the whole team of the CNFPLF for the trust it has in UCLG Africa, before transmitting to them the fraternal greetings of the Secretary General, Mr. Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi and all the Staff. The Deputy Secretary promised them the full availability of the Organization, whether at the level of the Headquarters or in the Regional Offices, to accompany and support them in their noble mission for a successful local Africa.

Mr. Lionel Nzamba Nzamba, Task Manager – Youth Unit, made a presentation on UCLG Africa, regarding its vision, its objectives, its structure, its governing bodies and finally on the different projects on which UCLG Africa is committed to contribute to the unity of the African continent through the dynamism of local authorities and the effective implementation of the major global agendas.

For his part, Dr. Abdelkrim Marzouk, Dean for Partnerships with the Public Sector and Continuing Education, Associate Professor of Al Akhawayn University of Ifrane, presented via zoom the context, the objectives, the four (4) territorial professions considered as “support professions” that this training offer targets (General Secretaries and Directors of Services; Financial Directors; Technical Directors; Human Resources Directors), the career opportunities, the admission requirements, the duration of the training (12 months), and the pedagogical modalities of MEMVA which is the first class.

It is 80% online (online seminars, peer learning, case studies, readings and projects) and 20% face-to-face, including the final defense and a study tour in Morocco. This training offer had taken into account the context of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 by investing more in distance learning and in Information and Communication Technologies. This first class includes 20 students from French-speaking countries in Africa.

He announced that the second class intended for the English-speaking countries of Africa will be deployed 100% face-to-face at the University Al Akhawayn of Ifrane in Morocco, still within the framework of the FACDI which supports at 60% the Moroccan Territorial Communities (30%) and the beneficiary African Communities (10%).

Dr. Abdelkrim Marzouk thanked Dr. Najat Zarrouk, Director of ALGA and her team for the support and efforts they constantly provide for the smooth running of the Master program.

Mrs. Fariath Chabi, ALGA staff member of UCLG Africa, presented the apologies of the Director Dr. Najat Zarrouk who is on mission before giving them a presentation on the Academy, its strategic vision (Investing in the Human Capital of African Local Governments, Transforming Local and Regional Leadership, Promoting and Anchoring Professionalism and Enabling Performance) and its four main missions (Supporting UCLG Africa Members and Networks, Developing and Implementing a Training Offer, Upgrading and Modernizing HRM at Local and Regional Levels, Accreditation and Quality Assurance). The Methodology and the Catalogue of ALGA were presented to them.

The e-Learning platform ( of UCLG Africa was presented by Mrs. Abir Achour, Task Manager, ALGA, UCLG Africa. The platform allows UCLG Africa to become a “Smart Pan-African Organization” by investing in ICT as a lever for Change and Transformation, to gain and improve performance and proximity, to reduce the cost of Training and Capacity Building, to reach a large number of beneficiaries with adapted and customized Training and Capacity Building offers. The different courses already digitized in English and French are, among others: Delegated Management of Public Services, Territorial Coaching and Participatory Budget.

This platform targets UCLG Africa Members, National and Regional Associations of Local Governments in Africa, Local and Regional Governments and elected officials, Managers and territorial employees, Training and Capacity Building Institutes, etc.

The delegation of the National Center for Public Service and Training (CNFPLF) was composed of:

1. Mr. Abdou Khadre NDIAYE, Director General, Senegal;

2. Mr. El Hadji Malick DIOUF, Technical Advisor to the Director General, Senegal;

3. Mr. Cheikh Mohamed Djimbira SOW, Coordinator of the Communication and Public Relations Unit, Senegal;

4. Mr. Ndiack DIAW, Director of Human Resources, Senegal;

5. Mrs. Marie NDIAYE, Director of Training, Senegal;

6. Mr. Ibrahima DIOP, Director of Studies, Legislation and Litigation, Senegal;

7. Mr. Abdou NDIAYE, Representative of the Intersyndical of the workers of the Territorial Collectivities, Senegal;

8. Mr. Baidy BA, Representative of Local Elected Officials, Senegal;

9. Mrs. Fatima Zohra, Directorate General of Local Governments of the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Morocco.