UCLG Africa in UN-DESA Expert Group Meeting on Building Resilient and Responsive Public Administration by Enhancing Innovation 

In the framework of her mission as a member of the UN Committee of Experts on Public Administration (2021-2025) and the preparation of the SDG Summit 2023, the Director of Development, Knowledge Management and the African Local Governments Academy (ALGA) of UCLG Africa, Dr. Najat Zarrouk, was invited by the Division of Public Institutions and Digital Government (DPIDG) of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN-DESA), to take part to the Expert Group Meeting (EGM)  on  :  “Enhancing  Innovation  to  Build  Resilient  and  Responsive  Public Administration  to  Support  the  Implementation  of  the  2030  Agenda  for  Sustainable Development An SDGs Mid-Term Review Perspective”, on 7-8 September 2023 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.  

During the EGM, the Representative of UCLG Africa contributed with a policy paper on: “Building and Anchoring an Enabling Environment based on Regulatory Frameworks Sensitive to Innovation and SDGs”. 

In her presentation, Dr. Najat Zarrouk shared 3 key aspects: “The Innovation Gap in the Public Administration”, “The SDGs and the Pandemic of Covid-19 opened windows of opportunities for Public Administration Innovation” and “How can we promote, build, and anchor an enabling environment with regulatory frameworks sensitive to innovation and SDGs?”. 

Read the presentation here