Triumph of an Unforgettable African Baroque Fresco: Lucy of Africa(s) Ignites the Audience in Rabat, Capital of African Culture

Rabat, Capital of African Culture, recently witnessed an extraordinary and immersive cultural experience with the spectacular show “Lucy of Africa (s) Fashion Show and Performance” by ALPHADI and Tongo MBIA. This African baroque fresco, passionately designed by Master Tongo MBIA, successfully captivated the audience by offering a narrative that embraces the history of humanity from an African perspective. The evening, held on May 23 at the prestigious Allal Fassi hall, transcended a mere event, becoming a dazzling celebration of African haute couture through the breathtaking creations of ALPHADI. The magnificent garments, paying homage to Africa’s history and heritage, illuminated the stage, taking the spectators on a visual journey through the epochs and cultures of the continent’s six regions.

The spectacle transported the audience through different eras of humanity, providing a unique African perspective. Talented storytellers Bomou Mamadou and Binda Ngazolo captured everyone’s imagination with their captivating narration and masterful performance, recounting the key moments that shaped Africa and its cultural heritage. The striking illustrations accompanying the narrative added a captivating visual dimension, transporting the audience on a journey through time.

In addition to the spectacle and haute couture, the evening was enhanced by an enchanting musical show, featuring the talented Moroccan singer Fatimezzahra Laaroussi and the renowned Ivorian singer Meiway. Renowned host Samira Ibrahim, a journalist from France Télévision, gracefully guided the audience throughout the evening, adding a touch of elegance and professionalism to this unforgettable event.

This evening was honored by the presence of African mayors, as well as experts and cultural operators from our continent and beyond, who actively participated in the Mayor’s Forum on Culture organized by United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG Africa) as part of Rabat, African Capital of Culture. This gathering highlighted the vital role of culture and art in the development of African cities and in fostering stronger connections within communities. It bears witness to the collective commitment to the valorization of our cultural heritage and the promotion of exchange and cooperation between local and international stakeholders.

“Lucy of Africa(s) Fashion Show and Performance” transcended a mere artistic representation; it was a vibrant celebration of African art, culture, and the extraordinary heritage of the continent and its diaspora. This exceptional event ignited the hearts and captivated the eyes of the audience. What a triumph!

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