Theme – African Decentralization and Local Development Day 2022: “Making food security a key priority for territorial development and cooperation

The theme of the 2022 edition of the African Decentralization and Local Development  Day has been communicated by the African Union (AU).

Celebrated on August 10 of each year, the theme of this edition is: “Making food security a key priority for development and territorial cooperation”.

Two sub-themes have been defined, inviting African cities and territories to reflect on them:

Sub-theme 1: Women’s role in local food systems

Sub-theme 2: Managing the nexus of food security-nutrition –health in sub-national and local governments in Africa

The main objective of the 2022 edition is to have a platform for African Union member states to dialogue and discuss successes and challenges in service delivery at the local government and urban development level and to exchange best practices on how to develop strategies and implement programs and measures to achieve food security.

The specific objectives are:

-Share and exchange best practices on how to organize territorial development and cooperation for food security measures and intervention towards the achievement of the Agenda 2063 goals,

-Raise awareness among African citizens and businesses on the role they should play as a strategic partner in ensuring food security for local governments and the urban environment,

-Explore ways to support women’s initiatives in food production and the fight against malnutrition, particularly in urban centers,

-Discuss the prevalence of undernourishment and net import dependency as two indicators of hunger and food security in local governments,

-Analyze whether Africa is on track to eliminate hunger and food insecurity by 2025,

-Propose ways to improve food production in local governments and urban areas to achieve food security.

As a reminder, the African Charter on the Values and Principles of Decentralization, Local Governance and Local Development, adopted in June 2014 by the Heads of State and Government meeting at the Malabo Summit, in its Article 20 paragraph 4, institutes the commemoration of the African Decentralization and Local Development  Day (ADD) on August 10 of each year. The celebration of ADD by all AU Member States is organized under the authority of the Sub-Committee on Decentralization and Local Governance of the African Union’s Specialized Technical Committee No. 8, which includes the Ministers of Public Service, Local Government, Urban Development and Decentralization.

Consult the concept note here.