The President of REFELA-Cameroon took part in the “Russia-China” international forum 

From September 7 to 8, 2023, the Great International Forum “Russia-China” was held in Russia in the city of Kazan, at the “Kazan Expo” complex. During the forum, Russian regions and Chinese provinces discussed current issues concerning the development of cooperation. Delegations from a variety of backgrounds took part in this major event, including the Cameroonian delegation made up of three mayors, the mayor of Banka, Joseph Clovis Nguessieuk, and the mayor of Matomb, Hubert Nyobe fils, led by the Head of Delegation Mrs. NOAH MEYANGA Marie Angèle, mayor of the Commune of Afanloum and President of the Network Of Local Elected Women of Africa, Cameroon chapter (REFELA-CAM).   

The event was dedicated to bilateral interaction in large-scale initiatives and projects with government participation, in new business and market-oriented forms. In addition, the exhibition provided a unique platform for discussing key trends in economic development, accelerating the pace of political, social, humanitarian and cultural interaction between the countries.  

The event’s priority areas were industry, and more specifically the oil and gas industry, with the aim to: 

  • Create reliable financial mechanisms for bilateral trade;  
  • Develop transport and logistics complexes;  
  • Strengthen cooperation in education, science and culture;  
  • Boost growth in agricultural trade and economic relations.    

On September 05, the head of the Cameroon delegation thanked the committee for the invitation, and spoke of the women she represents, and above all of those she accompanies on a daily basis. The Mayor of Matomb spoke of women’s involvement in the development of his town hall, and mentioned the association created by the Mayor of Afanloum, “ANGOUNDA”, headed by women who run income-generating activities and supporting them through the provision of micro-credits for the development of these businesses.   

Three African countries took part in the forum: South Africa, Benin and Cameroon. An excursion was organized by the organizing committee to discover the Wedding Palace in the city of Kazan. The nautical tour was held in both the old and the new city. More than 25 business meetings and agreements were signed. There was also a session of mutual presentations of the economic opportunities of the Russian regions and Chinese provinces, and those of the guest countries present, by the various mayors and administrators. The session focused on the investment potential and economic opportunities of the Russian and Chinese regions. The final day of the forum was punctuated by a visit to Kazan’s panoramic museum, which showed the city in its 14th, 18th and 21st centuries, tracing its evolution over time.