Participation of UCLG Africa in the Africa Adaptation Summit / Rotterdam 05 September 2022

The Global Centre for Adaptation in collaboration with the African Union, the African Development Bank, the African Adaptation Initiative, the International Monetary Fund and the Climate Vulnerability Forum, organized on 5 September 2022 at the Global Centre for Adaptation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the 1st Summit on “Africa’s adaptation to climate change”.

A delegation of UCLG Africa, chaired by its President, Ms. Fatimetou ABDEL MALECK and composed of Ms. Marie Angel MEYANGA, Vice-President of REFELA for Central Africa, Mr. Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi, Secretary General of UCLG Africa, Mr. Mohamed Nbou, Director of the Department of Climate, Biodiversity and Food System, and Mr. Abd Dayem Navae, in charge of Cooperation at the Regional Council of Nouakchott, participated in the work of this important meeting.

This event was a good opportunity to make a significant progress, 2 months prior to the COP27, in the positioning of local authorities as a key actor in the implementation of adaptation.

In her message to the summit, the President emphasized the leading role of local authorities in accelerating the implementation of adaptation and resilience measures to the effects of climate change, stressing that “adaptation is a largely territorial issue“. She also called for strengthening and renewing the partnership framework, in particular with the GCA.

The Africa Adaptation Summit #GCA2022 outlined a 5-point Adaptation Delivery Breakthrough for COP27.

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