Mobile Film Festival Africa: 2nd edition in celebration of Rabat, African Capital of Culture and with the support of UCLG Africa

The call for films is open until April 4 2023

1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film

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Mobile Film Festival is proud to announce the launch of the second edition of the Mobile Film Festival Africa, following the success of its first pan-African edition in 2021.

Our goal is to support, expose and mentor the upcoming talented filmmakers, through grants and technical support to help the winners shoot a professional short film.

As expressed by the founder of the festival Bruno Smadja, “because African stories must be told by Africans for an African audience. Let’s support the young filmmaking talents of Africa.”

The Mobile Film Festival Africa is very honored to have been chosen this year as one of the official events of the “Rabat, African Capital of Culture” program.

Since 2005, Mobile Film Festival has promoted equal access by removing financial barriers through the use of mobile phones and free registration to the festival, while valuing the creativity of filmmakers who are challenged to tell a compelling story in one minute.

This 2nd edition, 100% African, therefore aligns perfectly with the festival’s mission and values. As the world’s youngest continent with a digital transformation revolving around the mobile phone, Africa is conquering the world through its creativity and youthfulness. The Mobile Film Festival wishes to support the blooming of this talented youth.

The Mobile Film Festival Africa is back with the same principles that made it a success: 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film. It is mandatory to be living in an African country. The theme is free to highlight the creativity and commitment of African talents.

Furthermore, to make our festival even more accessible and to show the richness of different African cultures, filmmakers will be able to submit their films in any language and dialect of their choice. In collaboration with our partner DotSub, the films will then be subtitled in French, English, Arabic and Portuguese to reach the widest possible audience.

 The first edition was supported by more than 600 institutions across 45 countries, and received over 500 films from 38 African countries. The official selection of 51 films, still available on the festival’s social networks and on YouTube, has received 14 million views.

The Africa Grand Prize was awarded to the Senegalese film “I am Freedom” directed by Marcel Moussa Diouf. This award included a €10,000 production grant. Marcel Moussa Diouf has now written a beautiful short film about “talibe” children in Dakar, “Kolia”, which is currently being developed in a co-production between Burkina (Jiguiya Films) – Senegal (Sangomart Original and Salndu Prodiffusion) – France (Good Rush / Mobile Film Festival). The screenplay Kolia is supported by the Fond de la Jeune Création Francophone (Young Francophone Film Creation Fund ) with a grant of 30.000 €. The film will be shot in the course of 2023.

Key dates of the festival:

  • Call for films between 14 February and 4 April 2023
  • Online festival, with 50 films in the official selection from 3 to 31 May 2023
  • Awards ceremony on 8 June at the Renaissance cinema in Rabat in the presence of the


For this 2nd edition, $46,000 in grants will be awarded to the winners. Nine awards with scholarships which allow the winners to make a film by professional means with the help of an African producer.

This year, in honour of Rabat, African Capital of Culture, a Grand Prize Morocco will be awarded to embody the richness of Moroccan film creation.

  • Africa Grand Prize: 10,000$
  • Morocco Grand Prize: 10,000$
  • French speaking Film Award: 5,000$ in partnership with TV5 Monde
  • ACP-EU Culture Award: 5,000$ in partnership with ACP-UE
  • Screenplay Award: 5,000$ in partnership with Canal +
  • Female African Director Award: 5,000$
  • Documentary Film Award: 5,000$
  • Best Actress Award : 500$
  • Best Actor Award : 500$

In partnership with LAFAAAC, a mobile training application for cultural professions, all participants will be rewarded:

  • All filmmakers submitting a film will receive a 50% discount to access a course
  • All selected filmmakers will have free access to one of the training courses in the “Cinema” section
  • Finally, all winners will have unlimited access to the courses offered by LAFAAAC, they may even participate in future sessions as an


The winners will be chosen by a distinguished jury representing the diversity of African cinema. By partnering with us, they allow us to reach out to the new generation:

  • Gad Elmaleh, Moroccan comedian, actor and director, will be the president of the jury

We will benefit from a high on-ground visibility in different countries: Festivals, universities and film schools, cultural institutions and associations, as well as 200 cinema screens in 31 countries. Our partners will project the trailer of the call for films during two months, then the selection of the award-winning films between June and December 2023.

You can now watch a selection of films from the first Mobile Film Festival Africa and the trailer.


Claudia Rodriguez

Relations Presse Africa

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About the Mobile Film Festival:

The Mobile Film Festival is an international short film festival founded in 2005 based on a simple principle: 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film.

Our goal: expose, support and mentor the upcoming talents, through grants to help the winners from all over the world to become future film directors. The Mobile Film Festival is also 100% digital, in order to reach the largest possible audience. Since 2015, the Mobile Film Festival has received 6414 films from 157 countries, 134 million views and 360,000 € awarded in grants to the winners. We have created a unique pan-African edition in 2021, now we launch the second Mobile Film Festival Africa.

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UCLG Africa

The umbrella organization of local and regional governments in Africa was founded in 2005 in the town of Tshwane, South Africa, following the unification of three continental groups local governments, namely the African Union of Local Authorities (AULA); the Union of African Cities (AVU); and the Africa chapter of the União das Cidades e Capitais Lusófonas (UCCLA). UCLG Africa ( brings together 51 national associations of local and regional governments from all regions of Africa, as well as 2,000 cities and territories of more than 100,000 inhabitants. UCLG Africa represents more than 350 million African citizens. A founding member of the world organization UCLG, it is the regional chapter for Africa. UCLG Africa’s headquarters are based in Rabat, capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, where it enjoys diplomatic status as a Pan-African International Organization. UCLG Africa also has five regional offices across the continent: in Cairo, Egypt, for North Africa; in Accra, Ghana, for Central Africa; in Libreville, Gabon, for Central Africa; in Nairobi, Kenya, for East Africa; and in Pretoria, South Africa, for Southern Africa.

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UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. UNESCO programs contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals defined in the 2030 Agenda and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. Among many other activities, UNESCO supports the development of audiovisual production for and by young people and women in particular, especially on the African continent.


CANAL+ Group is a leading media company and pay-TV operator. CANAL+ Group has a wide international footprint with a presence in Europe, Africa and Asia. CANAL+ Group totals 23.7 million subscribers worldwide, including 9 million in mainland France. With STUDIOCANAL, CANAL+ Group is also a European leader in the production, acquisition and distribution of feature films and TV series. It is also a leading player in free-to-air television with a pole of several channels, as well as an ads sales agency. CANAL+ Group is wholly-owned by worldwide integrated content, media and communication group, Vivendi.

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The ACP-EU Culture Programme is an initiative implemented by the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OEACP) with the financial support of the European Union (EU). This programme illustrates the desire to stimulate the potential of the cultural and creative sector and its contribution to the socio-economic development of ACP countries. With a budget of € 40 million covering the period 2019-2026, the programme is focused on: (i) encouraging entrepreneurship and cultural and technological innovation, as well as the participation of young people; (ii) creating new jobs and increasing the income of artists and cultural professionals; (iii) improving the quality of ACP cultural productions; and (iv) enhancing the value of ACP cultural productions and artists on international markets. For more

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TV5MONDE, the world’s French-speaking channel, is delighted to be a partner of the Mobile film festival, which celebrates the creativity of the continent’s young talents. Thanks to the ease offered by digital technology, mobile phones make it possible to tell beautiful stories whose main actors are the women and men of the continent. The TV5MONDE prize will be awarded to the best Francophone film. On our sites and on our social networks, ten of the fifty-one films in competition will be proposed to you. Enjoy the festival!


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