Koubonou Touni, committed to women’s empowerment

A senior civil servant for a long time, Ms. Koubonou is one of the few women elected mayor and the very first to hold this position in her commune, Doufelgou 2, since June 30, 2019.

The Mayor of Defale, a town located in the mountainous region of Kara in northern Togo, is also the Deputy Treasurer General of La Faîtière des Communes du Togo (FCT), an association that came to replace the Union of Communes of Togo that was effectively dissolved with the implementation of the decentralization process in 2020.

As President of the Network of Locally Elected Women of Africa (REFELA) – Togo Section, she intends to contribute to the strengthening of women’s power and their access to decision making in local policies and in all instances of local governance, a measure of convergence for women’s leadership in the management of social affairs, this is what she said during the work of REFELA-Togo held in the city of Kara on 7-8 March 2022.

One of the issues at the heart of her concerns is climate change, and that is why she noted during the aforementioned work “this persistent paradox where women, although working from dawn to dusk, are still the most vulnerable to poverty in general and specifically to the impacts of climate change”.

Keen to act in order to ensure a sustainable future for the citizens of her city and her country, the Honorable Mayor of Defale is actively working to find solutions for the survival of these women and the protection of the environment.

Holder of a finance-banking degree and a master 2 in industrial redeployment and entrepreneurship, she is also head of department at the National Social Security Fund in Togo.

Mrs. Koubonou Touni has climbed the ladder without ever forgetting the other women to whom she shows the way in order to help them fight for their fulfillment through economic and financial empowerment.

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Ms. Koubonou Touni has served her country for a long time as a senior civil servant. She holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and banking and a master’s degree in industrial redeployment and entrepreneurship. She is currently the Mayor of Defale, located in the mountainous region of Kara, in the north of the country, President of the Network of Locally Elected Women of Africa (REFELA) – Togo Section, and head of department at the Social Security Fund of her country

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