Erragheb Hormatollah, the young elected official full of ambition for Dakhla

Since September 2021, Mr. Erragheb Hormatollah is the President of the Communal Council of the city of Dakhla in Morocco.

As a State Engineer in Computer Development and Project Management, he embodies the ambitions of young Africans and has been working on making his city shine since the first days of his mandate.

With his solid professional experience, he participated in the project “”, putting his skills at the service of the pearl of the South. This native of Dakhla who aspires to make his city intelligent and sustainable, also devotes his efforts to make it an economic, ecological and tourist pole. Under his chairmanship, the Council of the City of Dakhla has set the goal of improving the living conditions of citizens, digitalizing the city and contributing to structuring projects under the new development model of the southern provinces, launched by HM King Mohammed VI.

The city of Dakhla is also one of the diplomatic poles of Morocco, as it houses a large number of consulates and thus promises to be a hub of the Kingdom.

At the head of the Network of Young Elected Officials of Africa (YELO) since October 2022, there is no doubt that the Mayor of Dakhla will be one of the youngest actors of local diplomacy and South-South cooperation.