“Culture 21 Africa Commission”

The Committee on Culture of Mayors in Africa


Considering Agenda 21 for culture of United Cities and Local Governments,

Given the ambitious program on culture in Africa adopted by the General Assembly of UCLG Africa during the eighth edition of the Africities summit,

Having regard to the three-year program of the city designated as African Capital of Culture,

UCLG Africa wishes to launch a call for expressions of interest aimed at local authorities in order to constitute the first members of its committee on culture called ” Committee on Culture 21 Africa”.

This committee on culture will be responsible for providing guidance related to the culture program of UCLG Africa, encouraging peer learning, financing the implementation of three-year programs, participating in the organizing committee of the African capital city of culture, and being the political voice, and the ambassador of culture in Africa in the cities and local authorities and with the partners.

The goals of the committee

The main goal of the Committee  on Culture is to materialize the will of cities and local authorities to make culture the fourth pillar of sustainable development.

The secondary goals are:

  • Develop and supervise the culture program within UCLG Africa,
  • Be the political voice of the culture program with the national governments, the development partners, the cultural actors and the stakeholders.
  • Actively participate in the work of the Committee on Culture of UCLG (world).

The composition

  • 10 city mayors (2 per region), for a three-year period
  • It is supplemented by partners (cultural operators on the continent and international partners who will have an advisory role)
  • The term in office of the commission is renewed during each edition of the celebration of the city that is designated as African capital of culture.
  • Membership is open to cities and local governments in Africa
  • The Secretariat of the Commission of Mayors is provided by the Culture, Migration, Peace, and Security Department of UCLG Africa.


  • Cities, African Capitals of Culture
  • Development and implementation of cultural policies within the cities and local governments
  • Capacity Building, Peer Learning and Sharing
  • Capitalization, communication, and dissemination
  • Mapping the tangible and intangible heritage of cities and local authorities in Africa
  • Decentralized cooperation
  • Cooperation with the private sector.


  • One annual meeting, and an annual report
  • A summit every 3 years (organized and supported by a city) as part of the African Capitals of Culture
  • Holding of the Culture Day during the Africities summits
  • Participation in similar activities of partners and other chapters of UCLG
  • Preparatory meetings for the Executive Committee meetings (an annual report)
  • A dedicated website
  • A communications strategy.

Link with UCLG and its Committee on Culture

  • Goal: To actively participate in the work of the Committee on Culture of UCLG (world).
  • Actions:
    • Close coordination in capacity building and learning programs (UCLG-Africa, UCLG and Culture and Development), such as Pilot Cities, Culture 21 LAB, and the Seven Keys
    • Ensure the participation of UCLG-Africa in the UCLG Culture Summit, and in the great moments of the global debate on culture and development
    • Ensure participation in the UCLG Prize – Mexico City – Culture 21 and the emergence of best practices from the five African regions
    • Participation in the annual meeting of the Committee on Culture of UCLG (world)

Contacts :

Sanzhie Bokally Thierry

Senior Knowledge Management Officer


Sara Zeroil

Personal Assistant to the Secretary General of UCLG Africa