01Talent Africa, LakeHub, the County Government of Kisumu, and UCLG Africa join forces to set up the first Collective Intelligence Zone01 and reveal the digital talent of tomorrow in Kenya

01Talent Africa, in partnership with UCLG Africa, LakeHub and the County Government of Kisumu, officially agree to set up the very first Zone01 in Kisumu, Kenya. It will offer a brand-new kind of digital training to as many people as possible.

This new collective intelligence center will welcome several hundred young talents from Western Kenya and beyond in the Kisumu Business and Innovation Center building in Kisumu. This initiative is part of a strategic partnership with UCLG Africa that aims to accelerate the digital transformation of African local authorities, by enabling the massification of world-class digital skills through an innovative and inclusive training of excellence and employment offer in Africa.

UCLGA Secretary general Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi said that the centre aim to accelerate digital transformation of African local authorities by enabling the massificaton of world class digital skills through an innovative and inclusive training excellence and employment offer in Africa

Zone01 Kisumu will open this July,2023 and the first cohort will begin its training before the end of the year

An ambitious talent identification campaign will start in the 3rd Quarter of the year. Candidates wishing to take the online selection cognitive tests must be at least 18 years old to register. If they are selected, they will be able to participate in one of the three “swimming pool” events scheduled in August 2023, September 2023 and October 2023. The “swimming pool” is the final step in the selection process. During this stage, candidates will be immersed for 4 weeks into 01Edu pedagogy, which is based on peer-to-peer learning and group project problem solving, without any class or teacher.
The first cohort will begin its training before the end of the year. It will welcome about 100 future talents.

Once selected, the talent are guaranteed a job as part of an apprenticeship program: after two years of tuition free training, the talent will then either work in the 01Talent Agency or be placed with a company that is a partner of Zone01 Kisumu.

UCLG Africa and 01Talent are creating a network of Zone01 Digital Centers of Collective Intelligence in partnership with local authorities to seed the African cities ecosystem with Talent.

About 01Talent Africa
01Talent Africa is the pan-African talent agency of 01Talent International group, which aims to identify, develop and connect to the professional world 1 million high-level developers in the
world by 2035 through the combination of a proven educational model and a sustainable and exponential economic model. 01 Talent Africa and its partner UCLG Africa are convinced that there is a large number of digital talents in African populations who are just waiting to be revealed and supported to express their potential. 01Talent Africa is based on 01Edu, the ultimate upgrade of the “peer-to-peer” (teacherless) and gamified pedagogical approach developed by Nicolas Sadirac and his team, a learning platform intended to respond to the growing shortage of IT developers in the world. This educational model which develops entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and collective intelligence has already been deployed by our co-founder Nicolas Sadirac and his Alumni in more than 40 countries around the world, training more than 25,000 digital talents over the last 10 years. More
info on https://01talent.com Note: “01Talent” is pronounced “Zero one talent” and not “One talent”.

About UCLG AfricaUnited Cities and Local Governments Africa (hereinafter referred to as “UCLG Africa”) is the African section of the world Organization UCGL, composed of 51  national associations of local and regional governments from all regions of Africa, as well as 2000 cities, representing overall nearly 350 million African citizens and communities. UCLG Africa’s Constitution promotes the principles of democracy and good governance in local institutions, including strengthening public participation in the management of local governments. Its role is to assist in the strengthening of local governments and their associations as a means to improve local governance, service delivery and sustainable local policies.

About LakeHub
LakeHub is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to bridge the skills gap and create a brighter future for Kenya’s tech workforce of tomorrow. Our vision is to decentralize access to technology tools, growing entrepreneurship and social innovation for young people. We believe that Africa’s youth are a crucial resource to the continent’s future and we are working to provide them with tools and opportunities they need to succeed.
LakeHub has supported more than 300 girls and young women in technology skills training across 5 counties , our hope is to see an increasing number of ambitious young men and women developers
and entrepreneurs armed with the necessary skills and tools to scale their careers in the technology space and show the world that they are courageous, confident and capable.

About Zone01 Kisumu
Zone01 Kisumu offers a disruptive digital training, entirely free and open to all without any grade requirement. Zone01 addresses candidates of all ages and all backgrounds. A center of collective
intelligence, which trains in 18 months plus 12 months in apprenticeship a new generation of African talent to Digital professions and guarantees a job at the end of the course. It is an
innovative pedagogy, with no classes or teachers.