EARO Meets Minister of local Governments and regional Administrative of the United Republic of Tanzania


On 21st February 2018, Tanzania’s Minister of Local Government and Regional Administration, Honorable Seleman Jafo hosted UCLG Africa staff from the Eastern Africa Regional Office (EARO) to a consultative meeting in his office in Dodoma, the capital city of the United Republic of Tanzania. The two-man UCLG Africa delegation included Dr Juma M. Nyende, the Director of EARO and Mr. Baraka D. Marandu, an assistant in the regional office. Also in attendance were the following Minstry officials: Dr Andrew Komba Director of Local Government Finance, Mr. Alhaj Shomari Director Sector Coordination and Mr. Mwinyimboko Personal Assistant to the Minister.

Several issues were discussed at the meeting including, negotiations of the headquarter agreement in respect to the hosting of the Eastern Africa Regional Office in Arusha, Tanzania; Ratification of Africa Union Charter on the Values and Principles of Decentralisation, Local Governance and Local Development by the government of Tanzania and; Briefing on the preparations for Tanzania’s Mayors Awards Scheme, 2018. The Minister was pleased to learn that Tanzania had been considered to host the UCLG Africa Regional Office and pledged his support. He further pledged to ensure that his ministry expeditiously attends to all issues raised in the meeting and also continues to work closely with UCLG Africa.

The meeting was, on the same day, followed by a technical session that further discussed contents of engagement with the Minister, in greater details. A follow-up technical session is to be held in April/May 2018.