COP28 : H.E. The President Dr. William Samoei Ruto launched the implementation of the UN initiative on Building Climate Resilience for the Urban Poor for Africa

On 2nd December 2023 under the framework of COP 28 in DUBAI, President Ruto launched the implementation plan of BCRUP. The plan aims to improve the living conditions and climate resilience capacity of poor urban in the following countries: Botswana, Cameroon, Cote d’lvoir, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Rwanda and Uganda. According to UN statistics, the total urban population in these countries amounts at 186 Million with 112 Million leaving in poor urban neighborhoods.
The effort to be put in order for these neighborhoods to improve climate resilience requires an investment of 5 Billion dollars in 10 years. Kenya has committed to contribute to this effort and has managed with other countries to convince the Green Climate Fund to demarcate a regional readiness program and prepare implementable projects with the support of different partners in
the private, public and philanthropic sectors. Read More.