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Professional tools, a list of professions, coaches and facilitators to deploy Territorial Coaching throughout Africa.

The job of Territorial Coach is an exciting and dynamic profession that offers many opportunities for professional and personal development. Territorial Coaches will play a crucial role in supporting individuals and communities to achieve their goals, particularly in the context of territorial development.

The role of Territorial Coaches is to support local authorities and territorial actors in their development process by using coaching techniques to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. Territorial Coaches must be able to understand the social and economic dynamics of the territory, to work with local partners, to facilitate communication, and to foster collaboration between stakeholders.


UCLG Africa Central Africa Region (CARO)


UCLG Africa North Africa Region (NARO)


UCLG Africa East Africa Regional Office (EARO)


UCLG Africa West Africa Regional Office (WARO)


UCLG Africa Southern Africa Region (SARO)

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