Corporate Learning & Knowledge Management

African local governments lack systems for benchmarking good performance amongst themselves that can be utilized to promote standards for good practice in linking knowledge management with delivery capacity. Hence, for knowledge management in East Africa we aim to ensure that: Greater participation in networking and training activities increasingly enhances the quality of demand articulation, the problem-solving abilities and innovation capacities of local government.

East Africa’s annual workplan of activities under this pillar are focused on contributing to knowledge and sharing experiences that enhances the capacity of cities and local governments in delivering their mandate more effectively.

LED strategies are extremely important to our members and it presents an alternative to traditional top-down and sectoral policies for economic development allowing cities and their wider economic regions to take greater control of their economic development processes.

EARO takes a special interest in ensuring the promotion and tracking of LED policies, programs and activities throughout the region and along with UCLG Africa headquarters we roll out interventions that build up the economic capacity of a local area to improve its economic future and the quality of life for its citizens.

Updates From Corporate Learning & Knowledge Management

Members in the East Africa Region were requested to (i) assist in the identification of cities and local governments in their country that have undertaken innovative and successful LED initiatives that could be show-cased at the 4th World LED Forum, in October 2017, with the purpose of inspiring others and raising the profile of their solutions and; (ii) to inform and mobilize members and relevant partners to attend the Forum and more generally, to be active partners in the Local Economic Development Network of Africa (LEDNA).