The Hague Academy for Local Governance: Application for Nuffic Fellowships Open

The Hague Academy for Local Governance is reopening applications for its courses in local governance. Until October 4, 2016, Local governance professionals can apply for an NFP (Netherlands Fellowship Programme) or an MSP (MENA Scholarship Programme) fellowship to enroll in one of The Hague Academy training courses.

The two scholarships are offered by the Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education (EP-NUFFIC) that aims to promote capacity building via training and education for professionals.

In this round, participants can apply for one of the two programs:


1) Integrity and anti-corruption (6 – 17 March 2017)

This training focuses on the complexities of corruption, its root causes and the impact on society. The course introduces participants to different examples of institutional reforms and anti-corruption measures. Furthermore, participants discuss integrity dilemmas from their own working practice. They are familiarized with the Dutch landscape of Integrity as well as examples of policies to improve the integrity of an organization’s workforce.


2) Citizen Participation and Inclusive Governance (27 March – 7 April 2017)

This course discusses basic principles of good governance, accountability, and civil participation. Participants will explore possibilities to engage citizens in the policy and decision-making process with a special focus on marginalized groups. They will discuss, among others, the participation ladder, the accountability chain, do’s and don’ts in participation processes and the role of the media.


All the needed steps to apply for the Nuffic Fellowships are listed and explained on this page. All these steps need to be undertaken before the deadline that is 4 October 2016.

For all inquiries, questions, and details, you may contact The Hague Academy for Local Governance at .