The Climate Chance Summit Africa

The 1st Climate Chance Summit Africa, jointly organized by the Climate Chance Association, the Assembly of the Regions and Districts of Côte d’Ivoire, and with the support of UCLG Africa, was held in Abidjan, June 28-29.

The Summit, dedicated to identifying solutions for Africa, saw the development of sectoral roadmaps that were adopted by the various stakeholders in attendance; local governments, businesses, youth associations, women, environmental and development NGOs, representatives of indigenous communities, farmers, and researchers, amongst others.

Stakeholders affirmed their commitment to fight climate change and build the cities of tomorrow; low carbon cities that were resilient and inclusive; cities where, “The battle against climate change will be won or lost,” as was expressed by Secretary General, Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi, and where success would depend upon the pooling of forces to overcome the threat of climate change.

To achieve this, the priority is to facilitate access to funding for non-state actors; to mainstream gender in public policies; and to give priority to the education and training of young people, who are estimated to account for 28% of the African population by 2040, and prepare them for future employment.

The success of these actions was identified as dependent on the quality of exchanges and the dissemination of information. “There is a need for more localized knowledge and more exchanges of experiences.  One does not manage what he does not measure.
Africities will provide a platform to come together, reaffirm commitment, and assess what has been defined and mapped in the sectoral roadmaps; as well as to anticipate and plan what can be done in the future, inter alia with the Covenant of Mayors and the monitoring of the first projects financed within the framework of this Covenant.” Secretary General, Jean Pierre Elong Mbassi.

During the closing session, the Secretary General announced that GHANA had expressed its interest in hosting the next Climate Chance Summit Africa.

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