ALGA’s Participation in the Oriental Regional Seminar on the Digital Sector (Morocco)

The Oriental Regional Council and the Territorial Coaching Program organized a regional seminar on the digital sector on December 22, 2017 in Oujda, Morocco.

UCLG Africa’s African Local Government Academy, (ALGA), was represented by Dr. Ismael Kamaté, head of ALGA’s Observatory of Human Capital.

With more than 100 participants attending the seminar, the opening ceremony heard speeches from Mr. Abdenbi Bioui, President of the Oriental Regional Council and Mr. Mouâad Jamai Wali of the Oriental Region.  Both speakers emphasized the importance of the seminar and the opportunities it presented for new ways of working towards the economic and social development of the region, starting with the national policy, “Maroc Digital 2020”. They expressed their commitment to make the Oriental region a hub for digital advancement. It should be added that the Oriental region is already fairly advanced in terms of digitalization with two young entrepreneurs winning first prize at national level for their work in the digital field.

The panels discussed the following themes:

– The role of the digital sector in the economic and social development of the territories

– Digitalization of the SSE (social and solidarity economy): Why necessary and how this would be implemented; and the experience of the Oriental region

– South-South cooperation, the first HUB for marketing SSE products: How to sell its products using new technologies (e-commerce, website…)

– The tools of territorial coaching at the service of local synergies, partnerships and good governance of cooperatives.

Discussions led to the following conclusions and recommendations:

– Evidence of the willingness of local authorities of the oriental region to make optimal use of digital technology in the dynamics of the economic and social development of the oriental

– The need to open and facilitate access to the digital market for different economic actors in the region, including cooperatives and young entrepreneurs

– The need to encourage and support young entrepreneurs in the digital sector

– The importance of creating a digital sector of professionals for young people by establishing effective support mechanisms for job creation in the sector

– The need to strengthen the approach of territorial coaching by equipping future coaches with practical knowledge of the digital sector.