UCLG Africa Retreat

Rabat (Morocco), 29-30 January 2018

From 29 to 30 January 2018, UCLG Africa organizes its annual retreat at Rabat (Morocco). The meeting will involve the staff of UCLG Africa (Headquarters and regional offices) and the organization’s special advisors.

2nd International Conference on Canadian, Chinese and African Sustainable Urbanization: Smart Urban Development: From Local to Global Actions

Yaoundé (Cameroon), 12-14 December 2017

ICCCASU II has three main components. First comes the pre-conference, three days of training
and workshops. Then, three days of conference and exhibition. Finally, optional working trips
constitute the post-conference. Under the main topic of “Smart Urban Development: Local to
Global Actions”, we will particularly examine the following thematic areas:

a) Urban Safety and Risk Management
b) Land Tenure Issues in the context of urban transformation
c) Socio-technical Innovation
d) Smart Urban Development in Globalization Context
e) Cities, Climate Change and Environment
f) Special Challenges for Urban Africa
g) Innovative Financing Modalities for Urban Development
h) Housing and Slum Upgrading
i) Urban and Community Dynamics.

For more information, visit the website here.